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This story starts when Estrella was condemned to die at the stake because she had cast a spell on a son of the nobleman Lope Artal. Estrella’s daughter, Azucena, was full of revenge, so she kidnapped one of Lope Artal’s child and she put him next to his own son. When the time of execution arrived she grabbed the baby and threw it to the fire where her mother was burning. But when she arrived home, she realized that the baby which she threw to the fire was her own baby. She decided to raise him as her child, Manrique. Manrique got older and he became a courageous man who dominated the art of the war, music and poetry, but of course Azucena taught him to hate the Artals.

At this time there was a climate of instability because of the constant fights between the supporters of King Juan II and the supporters of Prince of Viana, so the sovereign decided to make a tournament for young men to compete at the Aljafería. Manrique decided to take part, his opponent was Lope Artal’s son, Antonio.  Manrique won Antonio and when he was going to collect the trophy he saw a beautiful girl, Leonor Sesé de Urrea. They felt in love with each other, but jealous Antonio told Leonor’s brother what was happening between Manrique and Leonor. Leonor’s family decided to put Leonor in a convent so that she could not see him anymore, but as soon as Manrique knew Leonor’s destiny, he went to rescue her and in El Castellar they found a place to be together. But sadly Antonio and Leonor’s brother found them and arrested and condemned Manrique to death. When Azucena  found out about Manrique’s sentence, she went to talk with Lope Artal to say that Manrique was his own son, but nobody believed her because she was only a poor commoner.

When Manrique died, Leonor couldn’t resist the pain. Antonio saw a birthmark on Manrique’s body, a birthmark that all of the members of his family had, he was unable to live with the torment of having killed his brother.

Azucena spent a long time around the surrounding of the Aljaferia constantly repeating:”Look, this is the troubadour’s tower”.



Much Ado About Nothing  is one of William Shakespeare´s greatest comedies, written in 1.599. It is about a love story that happened between Claudio and Hero, and Benedick and Beatrice, in Messina, Italy. All this starts when Prince Don Pedro arrives at the city in order to meet his friend Leonato. Claudio and Hero are going to get married the following week but Don John, Borrachio and others decide to destroy that marriage so they make seem that Hero it´s not being loyal to Claudio with a scene between Margarita and Borrachio, wearing some of Hero´s clothes so Claudio could see that from the distance. After that, Prince Don Pedro and Claudio decide to speak about this event on the wedding day, but one night Borrachi while drunk tells some guards the truth.

Finally Don John is caught because he escaped from Messina and Claudio and Hero and Beatrice and Benedick happily marry.

An interesting fact is that Claudio and Hero seemed to be the main characters but most of the action is developed between Benedick and Beatrice.



As you like it is a theatre play written by William Shakespeare in 1.599. Itis a love comedy about the difficult sentimental relationship between a man and a woman coming from two enemy fathers.

Oswald is the youngest brother of a courtesan family whose father died and let all the heritage to the eldest son, Oliver, who treated Oswald so badly that he decided to escape with an old man called Adam. In their escape, Oswald decides to fight Lord Frederick in order to get some money. Lord Frederick is Oswald Father´s enemy. There is when Oswald meets Roslind and falls in love with her.

Charles Frederick discovers that he´s been defeated by his old enemy´s son, so he banishes Celia, her niece, and her cousin Roswald decides to go with her.

The four o them decide to move to the Forest of the Ardem where at the end everyone becomes happy by getting married to the person he/she loves.



Cuadro de texto: Clara Barceló

There was an important emir living in Cella. He had a daughter called Zaida, she was really beautiful. At the same time in Allbarracin reined the family of Abu Meruan, whose daughter was a courageous soldier. One day the soldier went to Cella and fell in love with Zaida. From that day on, the soldier went to Cella to see her but one day Zaida didn´t come, and the young soldier heard that her lover had engaged with a rich emir. The son of Abu Meruan couldn’t live without Zaida, so he asked the father of Zaida what he could do to get Zaida back. Zaida`s father asked him to get the river Guadalavia,r that runs under the houses in Albarracín, to irrigate his fields in Cella. He gave him 5 years to do this. So they worked during five years to complete the aqueduct. Zaida was very sad to see her lover tired after so much work. But after a lot of hard word he finished it and they married.