Tuesday, June 21, 2016


If Oscar bets money on a football match, then he might win money.

If Esther spends time in Canada, then she might learn English and French. She might visit Otawa. She might also buy a new mobile, because they are very cheap there.

If Miguel visits Canada, he will play ice hockey.

If Juan visits Canada, he will meet Canadian girls.

If James stays in Spain for the summer, he will visit the Pyrenees and he will like them more than the Picos de Europa because the Pyrenees are higher. He will sunbathe on the beach and he will go surfing.
3rd ESO C

1. What things will Esther like of Canada if she visits it?
2. What things will Miguel do if he visits Canada?
3. If Juan visits Canada, what activities will Juan do?
4. Why will James like high Spanish mountains?


 If we improve computer technology, we will create artificial intelligence.

If we create smart robots, we will use them to assist humans in many ways. But if we make good robots, they will work for us and we will lose jobs. They will grow our food, and they will clean our houses.

If we abuse small robots, then they will hate humans. If robots hate us, then they will rebel. If robots conquer people, then they will be happy and we will be their slaves.

If we stop using robots, they we will prevent the robot apocalypse.

If we implant technology into people, then we’ll become cyborgs.

If we want to travel to other solar systems, then we’ll need spaceships that travel faster than light. Time goes slightly slower tan satellites at present. They prove the theory of relativity. If they didn’t account for satellite speed, their watches wouldn’t be correct.

If we continue to produce greenhouse gases, we will destroy the planet. There will be acid rain and we will destroy the polar ice caps. The temperature of the Earth will rise, there will be climate changes and storms, and more people will die.

If we colonise other planets, we will know more about them. Will there be more girls for the boys? Maybe! Samuel will work there and he will be richer. We will destroy the planets because we will pollute them. We will become the kings of the universe. We’ll discover other foods, other religions and we’ll have more friends.

If we meet aliens, then they’ll work for us. They will probably kill us. We will know their planet. We’ll discover other forms of life. We’ll be able top lay basketball with them. Will we marry them? Will we eat their food?

1. Who will help humans in different ways?
2. What is bad about making good robots?
3. How can humans become slaves?
4. What is a cause of storms on the Earth?
5.Where will Samuel work to be richer?
6. What is a bad consequence of humans being the kings of the universe?
7. What will happen if humans marry aliens?


Friday, June 19, 2015


Well, last Saturday, I went to Puerto Venecia with my friends. Before setting off we had to pick money and our mobile phone.
Javier’s father took us in his car, he drove faster than normal so we arrived there at ten o’clock. We had breakfast in a coffe called “Centurion”, then we went to Decathlon to buy a handball ball and a mountain bike for my friend Mario because last Monday he had a marathon In France.
At two o’clock we had lunch in a famous restaurant called “Muerde la Pasta”, it is very expensive but there you can eat a lot of food. There we stayed for three hours because my friend Fernando eats a lot.
At five o’clock we went to the cinema and we watched “Lucy”, in my opinion this film is horrible and boring but Fernando likes it.
When the film ended we went to a bus station and to my surprise, the bus wasn’t there. We hadn’t money and our phones were off. My uncle saw us and we could return to Ejea.


 Hi, mi name is Laura. I' m with my friend in the Bermuda Triangle.
We were on a ship when a storm hit it and broke it . We had to swim to an island. We can't go out of this island, we have to stay here. We survive eating fish, fruit and drinking water, the weather is good, it's sunny.
Please, look for us, we are scared, HELP US!
Laura Navarro Pérez 1º C


Two years ago I went to Paris on a school trip and spent five days there.

We travelled by coach. The journey was exhausting as it took twelve hours. As soon as we got to Paris, we rushed to visit the Eiffel tower, which really impressed us. We walked up to the second floor, and from there we could enjoy some breathtaking views of the Champs Elysées. We also visited the Quartier Latin, full of stalls and bustling streets, so it was the perfect place to shop around. Later we walked along the little painters' streets near Sacre Coeur, a beautiful church where we spent a wonderful afternoon, having a rest and walking around in its gardens.

The following day we took a boat trip on the river Seine, on a typical "Bateau Mouche". From our seats we could make the most of some landmarks from a different scene. We saw the Notre Dame cathedral, and Aleixandre's Bridge.

During our journey in Paris, we visited the Louvre museum, where we could admire famous paintings, for instance the " Mona Lisa" or 'The Last Dinner' although it was difficult as there was a crowd of people around both pictures. Also, we found the pyramid shape of the Louvre museum a bit strange.

Another famous spot, was the Vesailles Palace, a luxurious place where we could enjoy an interesting guide tour along the different rooms and gardens, broadening our knowledge about the palace history and its famous queen Marie Antoinette.

Our last day was spent in Disneyland. It was great fun but we couldn't enjoy some of the rides due to the cold and the rain. If I had to choose something from the park, I would choose the princess castle. It was such a huge and gorgeous castle!...That day we behaved like small children, because we were very excited.

In spite of travelling for 24 hours by coach, I would like to go back to that magical city and see its lovely places again.