Thursday, January 19, 2017


The wars of the Roses were over in England. Those wars had faced two houses from England: the house of York and the house of Landcaster. The house of York won and Edward IV was the new king of England. Everyone was really happy except Richard, who was the new king’s brother. He wanted to be the king of England so he started inventing a plan.
Richard said to Edward that her other brother George, had killed his son, so Edward ordered to bring him to the London tower, which was the prison.
Edward was more and more ill, and if he died, Richard would be the new king of England. No one wanted that.

Edward died and Richard became the new king of England. This decision made the two houses to get back to the war. In this war Richard died and the houses were joined together and England was at peace once more.


Monday, January 16, 2017


The queen of Denmark, Gertrude, becomes a widow and in two months marries her husband’s brother, Claudius. Some people suspect that he privately killed his brother to become the King of Denmark himself, thus shutting out young Hamlet, the prince and lawful heir.
Hamlet is extremely sad and is tired of the world. He regrets that his mother Gertrude has forgotten King Hamlet so soon. Everything is useless to make young Hamlet happy.
Claudius says that a snake bit and killed the King, but Hamlet think that this snake is Claudius himself. Hamlet hears that a ghost just like his father appeared at midnight. Hamlet wants to see this ghost because he thinks that his father has something to tell him. He sees the ghost, who makes a sign to make Hamlet follow him. Then the ghost tells Hamlet that he is his father, and he was murdered by Claudius. He prays Hamlet to take revenge. Hamlet tells his secret to his friend Horatio. Hamlet decides to look crazy to everyone.
Before Hamlet fell depressed, he had loved the daughter of a minister, Ophelia. She corresponded to his love, but when he bécame sad he forgot about her. She now thinks that it is only his sadness what makes him take less notice of her.
 Hamlet writes a letter to Ophelia and she shows it to her father the minister, and he shows it to the King and queen. Then they think that the cause of Hamlet’s madness is love.
When Hamlet watches a theatre play, he decides to display a murder within another theatre play in front of the King and queen to see if Claudius is the his father’s murder. When Claudius sees it, his face changes color and suddenly leaves the theatre, pretending to be sick. Now Hamlet knows that the ghost’s words are true.
 Hamlet makes his mother be ashamed of marrying so soon after the king’s death. The ghost of the king shows himself to Hamlet and his mother. Somebody shouts and Hamlet kills him. It happens to be the minister, Ophelia’s father. Ophelia starts to lose her mind too and finally she commits suicide.
 Ophelia’s brother, Laertes, is a close friend of Hamlet’s. Claudius persuades Laertes to kill Hamlet at a sword match. Laertes hurts Hamlet with a poisoned sword, but Hamlet in return hurts Laertes with the same poisoned sword. When Laertes is dying, he accuses the evil king. Now Hamlet knows that his end is near, and hurts Claudius with the poisoned sword. Horatio, Hamlet’s friend, tells this story to the world.

Monday, December 12, 2016


The book Stories from Shakespeare includes some of Shakespeare’s most sucessful plays such as “Hamlet” or “The merchant of Venice”.
Actually, this book is made up of different stories; two of them are a tragedy and the other three are  comedies.
The two tragedies are: “Hamlet”; which tells Hamlet’s revenge in honor of his dead father. And “Julius Cesar”, that narrates the murder of Julius Cesar.

On the other hand, there are three comedies: “The merchant of Venice”; a story full of love and friendship. “The tempest”; a messy situation between the Duke of Milan, his brother, and the King of  Naples. And finally, “A Midsummer night’s dream”; a romantic comedy that takes place in Rome and in which characters like faries make an appearance.

Sunday, December 11, 2016


In a cold dawn of November, when the light of the day had started to spread some hours before, a broomstick crossed the sky, but it wasn’t alone. In fact, at this century in that dark dawn, some of them usually want to fly for a while, when nobody is watching the sky. We could say that they feel the freedom at that moment…
Oh, I haven’t talked about their broomsticks. There are different sizes (small, medium…), moreover there is an enormous quantity of kinds of wood: oak, poplar, birch… In summary form, as many sorts as you want to find.
The one that I’m watching now has a very pointed hat. I’m absolutely convinced that if I were one of them I would entertain myself choosing between colorful hats.

Nevertheless, just a piece of advice, it will be better if you don’t approach them.



I still remember the time when I and my wife used to spend sweet time on the swing and now that thing creaks even oiling it every day. One night I was sleepless and I saw a woman sitting on my swing through the window so I went out, she was on her back but we still talked. Her voice was familiar to me. After a while I sat on the swing next to her, tired. She didn’t complain, she was still swinging to herself. Later, she suddenly stopped and u she showed me her face in the moon, it was her again. My alarm rang, it was that dream again, I thought, recurrent since I hang her with the swing.