Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Last week I met a person who told me an incredible story. One day, ten years ago six fishermen went to work in their boat. When they were going home; the weather started to change. A very big wave hit the boat, and two fishermen fell into the sea. When the other men were trying to find them, another incredible wave hit the boat. Another man died in the boat because the wave was really big. About 6:00p.m, the storm finished, but very big hailstones started to fall. The three men phoned their families and one man said to his wife: “I can’t arrive home, because we are in a big storm in the sea. I love you”. This man died two hours later in the sea, because he was cold. The other two men could survive, because they had got two jackets but the boat was damaged when they arrived home. Their families were destroyed, because they thought that the fishermen had died. In the end, the two fishermen’s families were happy. After two months, a surviver told his story in a TV programme. Nowadays the men work in a shop, because they don`t want to return to the sea. JULIA OLIVA 3ºB QUESTIONS 1 - What hit the boat? 2 - Why do not the two fishermen work in the sea? 3 - How many people died in the story? 4 – Is this story romantic or dramatic? Why? 5 - Do you think that the two fishermen should work in the sea?

Monday, November 17, 2014


I´ve been interested in football since 2005 when I was 6 because my father loved it. I started in an academy of football. From 2005 to now, I´ve played football every year or every week, but in summer and at Christmas I don’t play. I played in Ejea until 2009 because this year Real Zaragoza took me for his team and I tried because I loved football. Now, I train in the sport centre in Zaragoza 4 or 5 days a week. I might not be a professional football player but it´s an experience in which I meet many friends, and I´ve travelled around Spain. We play in different cities and in only one year, we have won all the trophies. I think that it´s a very popular sport all over the world and football players win a lot of money. ALBERTO SORO, 3A QUESTIONS 1. How long has Alberto been interested in football? 2. Why did he start playing football? 3. Where does Alberto play now? 4. What does he like about playing out of Ejea? 5. What advantages has football got?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


The best moment of the Story was when I flew home and I started talking to a journalist. He asked me about my story in Vietnam. I did not believe it but I had survived one of the most terrifying tsunamis we can remember. The journalist wondered how I had survived but this is incredible, I did not know either. I remembered all the situations I lived in Vietnam but I remembered it as if it had been a film. The only thing I said to the journalist is the start. I was in the hotel, in my room and I decided to go to the swimming pool. It was incredible, the water was as clean as ice and at the far end there was a dolphin image. I was sitting near the water when the birds and the animals started to make strange sounds and began to run to the centre of the hotel. The next image I could remember was the sea breaking trees as if it was easy. I couldn’t do anything!! The sea moved me to centre of the city like a bus doing a tourist route. I thought I was going to die but I could catch a tree and I could float until someone rescued me. There was a girl, a young girl I think. I couldn’t see her, I only heard her voice. With this last phrase I finished the interview. The interview of an incredible story. MARIO ABADÍA BERGES, 4A QUESTIONS 1. Why was the journalist in Sergio’s house? 2. Why does Sergio remember his story like a film? 3. How can you describe the swimming-pool? 4. What did the tourist do in the city? 5. How does Sergio feel about what happened to him?


My favourite sport is handball, I´ve been interested in it for five years. I started to play it when I was 9 years old, because some of my friends played it, and they said to me that I had to try it. When I started to play, I played two days a week, but now I train three days a week and I play a match every Saturday, because I compete in a league with a team. I don´t play alone, because handball is a team sport. I play it with a team, all of us are friends. I enjoy playing handball, because it´s fun and I have a great time with my friends playing it. I don´t think I might play it in the future. First, because I´m not going to be successful and handball is a sport in which you don’t earn a lot of money, so I prefer studying to have a good life. SERGIO LORA 3A
QUESTIONS. Answer with your own words:
1. How old was Sergio when he wrote this article?
2. Who did Sergio convince to play handball?
3. How often does Sergio play handball every week in total?
4. What does Sergio really like about handball?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I have played rugby for five years. I started to play rugby since I was nine years old because my uncle plays rugby too. I play rugby 3 times a week, two hours a day and at weekend I play rugby on Sunday and on Saturday because I play with my team in Ejea and we go to the Basque Country every Sunday, because we play in this league. I love rugby because it is a fantastic sport to play in group. In the future I want to play in a good country because in Spain rugby isn´t a famous sport. I think if I practise, I will become a good rugby player.

1 – Whow many times a week does Cristian play rugby ?
2 - Why does Cristian play rugby in the Basque Country ?
3 – Why does Cristian love rugby ?
4 – Where does Cristian want to play ruggy in the future ?

5 – What does Cristian need to do to be good at rugby ?