Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Last year, I went to Panticosa to spend some days. Before setting of I started to prepare my clothes, skis and my mountain bike because I love riding a bike. Every was fantastic When we set off, my family and I went to my girlfriend´s house. My family found it funny that my girlfriend was going with us. Her name is Lola, she is sixteen years old, she is usually very stubborn but I love her, she has got curly brown hair, she has got small brown eyes, my mum loves her, she said that she is the perfect girl for me because she studies a lot, my mum is fifty years old, she has got straight blonde hair and she is also stubborn, she always says bad things to me because I am always very tired when we arrive at Panticosa. First of all I made fire because there it was cold. Secondly I ate in a local restaurant, I invited to my family and my girlfriend, later we went to the campsite because at night we would go out. The rest of the days was the same. Now I am happier to go with my girlfriend on holidays but later to came back my girlfriend and I broke up. Now I am with another girlfriend. And it is starting to turn into the best moment of the year. ALVARO ARANDA BT1B

Monday, February 23, 2015


Last year something terrible happened. It was in this region, in Ejea. It was a river flood and a lot of villages suffered some disasters. Houses were destroyed and people were rescued by a helicopter. If it had happened in a rich region, there wouldn’t have been so many disasters. The people of the village had to go to another village to spend a lot of time there and now they haven´t means to survive. That made me think a lot, but the positive side was that there was a charity campaign and some money has raised. I hope it was enough. Nowadays, the villages are better, but some of them have disasters that could be solved in a better way. The charity took care of them and gave them blankets and clothes. It was terrible because hundreds of people died and the rest of the people were afraid and they sometimes lost hope. It changed me for the better because I thought of poor people that live in poor country, so I decided that I would save money, campaign and get informed about the disasters of the world. Marta Auría Soro- 4ºA

Monday, February 9, 2015


Carnival is coming. Next Thursday the town halls give big sausages and pork to everybody so that they eat meat. And why? Because Ash Wednesday Lent is starting. After the Thursday of the Sausages, the Carnival begins. Everybody disguise and go partying Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Tuesday after Carnival finishes because the sardine is buried. Is the best party in Sierra de Luna? There is a wonderful dancing and many people are disguised. The Carnival in Ejea is interesting, too because the disguises are very original. 3rd DIVERSEIFICATION